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Winter Jacket By Eliza Lentzski


It is so difficult to say something about a book where everything is great except one pivotal scene. One scene that throws questions about the romance and makes us really dislike a hitherto okay character.

Elle Graft is an assistant professor for Creative Writing. During her class she notices and then crushes on one of her students, Hunter Dyson. Being a teacher, all Elle does about her infatuation is confide in her best friends Troi and Nik. But Hunter unbeknownst to Elle, Hunter is also equally affected and she takes things forward. Their relationship builds with inhenrent tension as Elle is up for a tenured post and being involved with a student could be detrimental to her career. A serial monogamist with tendencies towards infidelities, Elle’s past also gets in-between their relationship.

But the real zinger, and deal-breaker for us about Elle, is when Hunter takes Elle to meet her parents. The meeting doesn’t go well, and Hunter firmly stands by her woman metaphorically showing the finger to her parents. Yet, Elle breaks off from Hunter after this meeting. We just don’t get why she do that to someone as wonderful, steady, firm and loving as Hunter.

Clearly, we DO NOT like Elle. We love Hunter. The sex scenes are fantastic.

Verdict: Readable.



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