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Tease Me by Sarah Sanders

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Usually we’re a little leery about picking up an erotic novella because the novella may not have enough length for a roman...

Begin Again by Sarah Sanders


Sarah Sanders is our go-to author for feel-good, angst-free, crazy-sexy romances with amazingly good sex scenes.

A week before her wedding, Kat is dumped. She stumbles into the closest bar to drown the reality that has just hit her and is found by Beth, an old acquaintance who had a crush on Kat in high school. Beth takes a very drunk Kat back home and is then all around to look after the heartbroken girl.

The book is written as a first person narrative from Kat’s PoV. Usually, first person narratives make the narrator a little less likeable than the person they are in love with, but in this one, Kat is absolutely adorable. We love her zest, her openness and her frankly highly-sexed nature.  

We also love the reappearance of Ika and Ree from JumpThen Fall (one of our all-time favourite books) and Taylor and Joy from Tease Me (another all-time favourite). It is so good to see characters we love coming back and growing in their own relationships and as people.

This one is strongly recommended – and if you’ve not read the others, get them now. 


The Plus One (The Plus One #1) by Natasha West


A light romcom aiming to entertain without any convoluted angst and succeeding in this goal.

Charlie Black is a laidback physical trainer and a black sheep in her family for not being able to hold on to a relationship. Her sister, Maddie, is getting married and in a fit of bravado at a family lunch, she declares she’s found THE ONE, Lucy, who will be her plus one at the wedding. She gets back from lunch and finds herself being dumped by Lucy who says they have absolutely nothing in common. Too uncomfortable with announcing her once-again single status, she goes to Rent-A-Date to find a fake Lucy. Charlie’s ‘date’ turns out to be Amy Sinclair, the queen of high school, who was also the first girl Charlie had sex with and the first girl who broke Charlie’s heart. Amy is the most popular actress in the Rent-A-Date pool because she is gorgeous, intelligent, professional, articulate and charismatic. The date turns out more ‘interesting’ than bargained for.

We didn’t particularly like Charlie (especially with the chip on her shoulder about Maddie’s best friend, Paige) but really like Amy. On the whole this was an enjoyable book (in spite of some misused words and a really big slip-up when Maddie refers to Amy as Amy instead of Lucy).

Recommended for a light, flighty read. 


Fairest by Cara Malone


Snow White reimagined in a modern setting. Thoroughly interesting premise and a fairly interesting read.

Luma White is eighteen, has an undisclosed amount in a trust fund, is gorgeous and has a prestigious modelling agency courting her. All these things added together tip her stepmom, Tabitha over the edge and she orders her trusted bodyguard, Antonio to kill Luma. Since the story is Snow White, there are few changes to the old favourite – except one big one. Malone does away with the character of Prince Charming. Instead she has one of the hard-working seven dwarfs (not quite dwarves here…quite strapping, on the contrary) slip into the role of the love interest. The dwarves in this book are a family of lumberjacks and the youngest of them is their baby sister, Charlie, nineteen.

The attraction and chemistry between Luma and Charlie is excellent and the sex, when it happens, is also good. Luma is so, so likeable and really carries the book on her personality. Tabitha is fairy-tale-is OTT in her villainy.

This book is a short, quick, fun read. 


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