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Something Tragic by Jessica Yeh

⭐⭐⭐⭐☆★ There are some books that hold you in a thrall of emotions that they create long after you’ve finished them. You have emotions...

Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel by Sara Farizan


This is a typical high-school coming-out books albeit with a twist inasmuch the narrator and MC is a Persian-American, Leila. Leila kinda knows and admits to herself she is gay, but is wondering how to come-out to her parents, given the way their society is. Enter hot, new, sophisticated girl, Saskia who seems to be interested in Leila too. Saskia keeps Leila off-balance by blowing hot and blowing cold. In the meanwhile, suddenly, Leila’s old friend but currently-not-friend cool girl Lisa begins to grow closer to Leila again.

The descriptions of the Persian society are rich and detailed. The most interesting character turned out to be Leila’s sister, Nahal.

But frankly, we are a little pissed off by the YA books where the hot, sophisticate is always a little weird or borderline off. We’d love to read a book where this stereotype is broken and the hot girl is not cast in a negative light.

On the whole, this book is middle-of-the-road readable and middle-of-the-road funny in parts.


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