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Tease Me by Sarah Sanders

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Usually we’re a little leery about picking up an erotic novella because the novella may not have enough length for a roman...

Bad Blood by Sarah Sanders


Enemies to lovers done most excellently, this is a fabulous, sexy read.

Annabelle Carr grew up rich and spoilt, but has faced reversal of fortunes. She’s taken hits and worked hard to provide for herself and her younger sister. When the designer she is working for decides to resettle, Annabelle has to look for another job. She goes for an interview to Taylor Blair’s and finds herself face-to-face with Gracie Smith, a girl she had tormented in high school. Gracie employs Annabelle to mete out vengeance, but spark between them grows to a huge flame.

We loved this book. Annabelle in particular is a great MC. Gracie is also good, but Annabelle rocks. The sex scenes, as in all Sanders’ book, are awesome – and plenty. We love the very brief appearance of Taylor (we totally crush on her!) and Joy from Tease Me and the mention of Kat (another yummy character) and Beth from Begin Again.

Definitely recommended.   


Small Town Lover by Mia Archer


This is a weird kind of romance where the chemistry is great but we really cannot see the MCs in a HEA.

Rachel Donovan, a hottie in high school, couldn’t get out of Bridgeton, the small town, she grew up in fast enough. She is an accountant in Chicago while her father had his own business in the same field in Bridgeton. Rachel returns to her home town to handle the legalities when her father passes. Erica Rogers, who had a massive crush on Rachel in high school, is co-owner of a funeral home. Erica is perfectly happy in the town and doesn’t want to move at all. When Rachel and Erica meet to discuss details about the funeral, attraction sparks between the two.

The MCs are okay – Rachel a lot better than Erica. We were awfully disappointed with both of them in the whole scene with Sydney. That was so not cool. There are numerous sex scenes, which are quite good.

This is a strictly okay read. 


Conscious Bias, A Monica Spade Novel (Monica Spade #1) by Alexi Venice


This is an interesting read inasmuch it is much like a John Grisham kind of legal novel with gay leads. It is not Grisham at his best but neither is it Grisham at his worst – it is somewhere in the middle with quite a solid legal case around the death of a Saudi Arabian student.

Monica Spade is a young, promising lawyer working in a seriously regressive law firm, Smart, Daniels & Whitworth. She is the only woman lawyer in the firm and has had to return into the closet so that she can work in the firm. Her biggest client is a large hospital which keeps her engaged in issues from a loose monkey to embezzlement by a partner company to the death of a Saudi Arabian student hurt during a fracas with an entitled Caucasian male. Monica has trouble saying no to goodies and joins a crossfit programme to battle the effects. She meets Shelby, an art teacher in the crossfit class and has mad attraction.

The books flows at a good pace. Monica is likeable enough. Shelby rocks! Wish there was more of Shelby and much more of the developing romance – since the attraction and chemistry is super, but way too little. Some amount of editing and tightening would’ve helped in creating a better pace.

This is a good change of pace for anyone who is OD-ing on any particular genre (be it romance or sci-fi) and wants something different for a coffee-bean-smell-between-perfumes.


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