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Something Tragic by Jessica Yeh

⭐⭐⭐⭐☆★ There are some books that hold you in a thrall of emotions that they create long after you’ve finished them. You have emotions...

Handle With Care (Special Delivery #3) by J.A. Armstrong


The third part of the Special Delivery series with truly likeable MCs, Tess Sinclair and Dr. Brooke Campbell comes with more sweetness and romance.

The couple has bought a home together and Brooke, in her continuing attempts to pull of hyper-romantic gestures, is planning a surprise wedding. As the series progresses, the relationship between Tess and Brooke grows in sweetness – particularly their interactions with each other and the strengthening of individual personalities. The books also develop relationships with and between the MCs and secondary characters that include family, extended family and friends.

This one also give the ‘so sweet’ feels and has you smiling most of the time. 


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