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The Bad Mothers' Book Club by Keris Stainton

⭐⭐⭐⭐ This book is more chicklit than lesfic but is thoroughly enjoyable. It starts in the dreaded gate-moms world. Yeah, that is...

Blood and Roses by M.B. Panichi


Set in Earth Year 2453, this has intergalactic environment. It is a combination of being thriller-ish (with a stalker) and a romance.

Ari Walker is guitarist in a successful slam-thrash girl band Shattered Crystal Enigma (SCE). She’s been getting messages that are increasingly giving her the creeps. From fan mail, the letters from Celestian have morphed into being more stalker-like. The band is completing recording and is about to set off on their first interstellar tour. Along with Ari’s stalker issues, the drummer of the band seems to be slowing unravelling, sliding into a chaos of partying and drugs. The bands sets off under this not very auspicious cloud. Ari’s stalker seems to be dogging them everywhere and when the stalker makes their presence felt during a show, the drummer loses it and quits. Rhynn Knight, drummer in a local band that did the opening act for SCE is roped in to complete the tour. Already a huge fan of SCE and in celebrity-love with Ari, for Rhynn this is a dream come true

One of the most interesting things in the book is that all Ari parts are written in first person and all the parts with everyone else, in third person. Ari comes across as vulnerable but strong. Despite increasingly dangerous attacks, she retains both, her softness and she steel. You can’t but help rooting for her and wanting her to find love. Rhynn is laidback and likeable.

This is a read-‘em-forget-‘em book which entertains while it lasts.   


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