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The Bad Mothers' Book Club by Keris Stainton

⭐⭐⭐⭐ This book is more chicklit than lesfic but is thoroughly enjoyable. It starts in the dreaded gate-moms world. Yeah, that is...

Payback by Charlotte Mills


This book grips you from the first sentence in the prologue. The pace of the book isn’t frenetic but it is perfect as surprise after surprise unfold making you guess about what could happen next.  

Immediately after the prologue the author introduces Kate Wolfe, a hot-headed detective who has just been transferred to Warner from London for insubordination. With Kate working under her for six months, Detective Chief Inspector Helen Taylor has her hands full. Unexpectedly, a spate of crime seems to break out in the town with a missing person, arson, a dead body turning up in an unrelated place…

Kate and Helen work on trying to solve these crimes together while feeling an impossible-to-ignore attraction towards each other. As they start tying up loose ends and solving the crimes while uncovering surprising truths and connections on the way, a new twist comes far off the left field smacking their tentatively building relationship hard.

This is a crime story with an excellent romance track. Kate was immediately likeable, but it took some time to warm up to Helen. We loved – absolutely loved – the end. It has the most perfect end that we could wish for. The crimes and their investigations were thoroughly engaging and whoa! The final twist – totally unimagined and really awesome. Also, a nod to the great cover.

Highly recommended!


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