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The Bad Mothers' Book Club by Keris Stainton

⭐⭐⭐⭐ This book is more chicklit than lesfic but is thoroughly enjoyable. It starts in the dreaded gate-moms world. Yeah, that is...

The Shark (ShudderCon #5) by Cara Malone


It is rare that a character in a book grabs you in the very first page. Sabrina Grace, in this book, is that rare character.

Sabrina is a struggling scriptwriter. She’s been giving the elevator pitch of her works to hundreds of people for years. Now, she’s decided to give it one last shot at ShudderCon and then let her dream die. She did have that one moment when she almost made it, but a family emergency saw her rushing back home in the same instant as she was being ushered into the office of the head of a network. Ever since then, she’s had no luck. Evelyn Green is the writer of a super-hit series. Over the years, Evelyn has also been giving Sabrina advise about presentation and pitching – very reluctantly, but Sabrina considers Evelyn her mentor.

Sabrina’s grace under pressure, her bravery, her determined hope and above all her intrinsic goodness had us feeling for her right from the beginning. It is quite an achievement for the writer that she’s written Sabrina in such a way that even when her actions could seem like a doormat, all you can see is her goodness. Evelyn is morally ambiguous. She got her break by literally cheating a friend. She gets a second break by stealing. However, in the end, (again a win for the writer), you believe that she has cleaned up her act and even if you don’t warm up to her entirely, you feel happy for Sabrina to have got the person she loves and believe that Sabrina will be safe with Evelyn.

This is quite a lovely little read. 


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