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Tease Me by Sarah Sanders

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Usually we’re a little leery about picking up an erotic novella because the novella may not have enough length for a roman...

Ticket to Love by Donna Jay


Twenty-year old Tara James is caught by her mother in the midst of kinky (tying and flogging) sex with her best friend–turned–lover Eve. The mother-daughter already have a fraught relationship and this breaks it further. Tara is sent off to Wellington, New Zealand from Melbourne. Tara ends up with her rather sympathetic and doting aunt, Susan and her family in Wellington. A year later, Tara is working as an apprentice mechanic. Space is a little short in Susan’s home with her two sons growing fast so Susan’s boss Kathryn offers to take Tara as a boarder in her house.

We absolutely loved the respect and gentleness with which Tara dealt with Kathryn’s OCD right from the beginning and even while Tara setting the scene for their ‘play’. Tara’s sleepwalking condition and Kathryn’s tenderness with that was also lovely. And Tara using the condition to snuggle with Kathryn was absolute cuteness. Despite the age gap and the gap in their professional trajectories, the relationship is robust and equal. They have a domme-sub equation but there is no humiliation involved in it which makes it great. In fact, what comes across is love. Even the BDSM aspect is light making the sex scenes really steamy. Yep. Lots of steamy sex in this one. Also, no unnecessary angst between the characters straining their relationship: always good.

The only problem we had with this one is Tara’s age. She is twenty-one to Kathryn’s thirty. The age gap is neither much nor does it bother us, but Tara is way too mature and confident for twenty-one. We feel twenty-five and thirty-four would’ve been better ages for this relations to have been truly believable.

This is more novella than novel in length with plenty of cute moments, some nice simmering attraction and good sexy times. So, sure, give it a shot.


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