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Twice as Nice by Sarah Sanders


Two short sweet and super-sexy novellas in this book make it completely worth the while.

In Tease Me we have the utterly adorable Taylor and her partner, Joy, caught during a trip through Egypt. This is almost a slice of life during their trip but the characters are well-developed and their relationship perfectly captured. There is hot, hot sex and it is all injected with a sense of fun and humour.

Great read.

Sparks Fly introduces us to Sara and Mira. Starting from their first meeting, we spend the day with them witnessing their interactions, their growing attraction and finally their coming together. Both, Sara and Mira are thoroughly likeable. The author introduces an effervescent sense of humour into the palpable attraction between the two. The sex scenes will have you getting hot – for sure.

This is a highly recommended book.


Perfect Partners By Maggie Cummings


Two truly likeable MCs, Sara and Izzy, with good chemistry and some (unnecessary) waiting and slow burn make for quite a pleasant read.

Sara Wright is a dog trainer and the best trainer in the country for K-9 handlers. Isabel (Izzy) Marquez is an enthusiastic newbie in the training centre. Despite immediate attraction between the two, Sara wants to keep it in friendzone because she doesn’t want to date someone in the police force. But their individual sunniness, enthusiasm, good humour and energy doesn’t quite let things go as per Sara’s intent.

The interaction between Sara and Izzy is sweet and the dialogues quite entertaining. Their chemistry is believable. The way the two girls are described physically draws excellent pen pictures and allows us to ‘see’ them. The short scenes with Izzy and her siblings are awfully cute.

This is an easy, breezy read. And yes, great cover!  


Without Pretense By TJ Thomas


This book has amongst the most interesting acknowledgements ever. The author shares a little bit of the genesis of the book, the selected locale and something of the character development with us before getting into the usual round of mentioning and thanking everyone associated with the book and with their lives.

Ava Wellington was a sensation when she became a world-class violin soloist at seventeen. Now in her thirties, she is still a leading soloist but her manager believes that her visibility needs a shot in the arm and the way to get that is by getting her biography written. Bianca Vega is the chosen biographer. Ava has a secret that she wants to hide from the world and is unwilling to have a biography written. But she is somewhat smitten with Bianca and they come to a temporary agreement of a trial article before deciding on the book.

The premise is okay. Our problem is the instant, intense attraction that Ava feels towards Bianca when she first runs into Bianca who, at that time was a mourning widow. That one-off meeting sparks an attraction that is more than alive two years later when Ava meets Bianca as her would-be biographer. Another issue is that the writing is inconsistent. There are times when we get involved with the two women and get into their relationship and chemistry, but on most part, the books skims it all. The dialogue seems contrived and the relationship a tad too formal. Also, but for a chance meeting in the end, it would seem that the MCs would’ve let their relationship die a calm death.

On the plus side, it’s nice to read a celebrity/commoner book where the celebrity is not an actress. It is also nice to read a book where the conflict is not forced but an integral part of the story from the start. A plot point that is slowly but surely coming to a head. 

We didn’t particularly hate this book, but didn’t particularly love it either. 


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