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Love, From A to Z by Robin Alexander

⭐⭐⭐⭐☆ Robin Alexander books are like a carefully hoarded treat that we dip into when we feel rather deserving. Though this one was...

All That Lies Within By Lynn Ames


When Hannah Montana is all grown up and still leading a dual life, we get this completely fantastical book.

Dara Thomas, box office gold and Oscar winner is one lonely woman. She has one, just one, friend Carolyn Detweiler who is also her business manager. But Dara is also a brainiac and has an alter ego, Constance Darrow, a Pulitzer Prize winner, who is unaccountably completely invisible except for her books. Rebecca Minton, professor of American Literature is all but besotted by Constance and quite a fangirl of Dara.

Rebecca writes to Constance and a correspondence starts between the extremely reclusive writer and the professor. Both have been single for a while, and unaccountably, just based on the fact that Dara/Constance is communicating with Rebecca, her bff, Carolyn puts her matchmaking cap on.

By some extremely implausible concatenation of circumstance, Rebecca is a part of the audience during a TV interview of Dara’s and realises that Dara and Constance are one and the same. Some more stretches of imagination later, Rebecca finds herself consultant for the movie adaptation of Constance’s award winning book in which Dara is the female lead.

There are more layers in the book, including Dara’s estranged relationship with her mother and her ability as a medium, that is, she can see and speak to the dead.

It’s all somewhat far-fetched, but makes for a light throwaway read. Dara and Rebecca are quite likeable, though the dialogue in some places is way too contrived. Carolyn comes across as manipulative and controlling of Dara albeit under the guise of loving and caring. Some of the scenes, especially with Rebecca, seem to have exaggerated reactions from her – in particular, the scene where she realises Dara and Constance and the same person and slyly tries to convey her knowledge while also trying to assure silence and her reaction thereafter. But at the end of it all, a pure, out-and-out romance with just the kind of public coming out-for-love that makes all lesbians everywhere go ‘awww’.    


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