Breathless by Sarah Sanders

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Short, sweet and sexy – we loved this book. Lara is a movie star whose career has crashed and burnt. She is in the throes o...

All That Matters By Susan X. Meagher


This is a book in which you live the entire journey of the MCs with them. It takes the straight-until-I-met-you trope but goes way beyond that. It cannot be termed as a pure romance (there is plenty of that, though) but it expands the romance beyond the point of the exchange of “I love you” – which is what makes it so, so readable.

Blair is a straight married woman trying to have a baby with her husband, David. It is David who is keen on a baby and insisting that Blair actually carry and deliver the baby. It is touching and a little sad to see Blair giving in to all of David’s demands for getting her pregnant; even artificial insemination, one of the methods she was dead set against. As an adopted child, Blair is happy to adopt, but no dice. A fairly good part of the start of the book concentrates on the relationship between Blair and David (including their sex lives – which is good for Blair). During the time Blair is trying to get pregnant, she forms a friendship with Kylie Mackenzie, an out surgeon. Their friendship progresses as Blair’s marriage disintegrates and Blair ends up living with Kylie. At some point, Blair realises that she is in love with Kylie and does not hesitate to take the step.

There is a lot of time spent in the heterosexual relationship between Blair and her husband including her pretty big sexual appetite for him and thorough enjoyment of sex with David. While this concentration may seem misplaced in a lesfic romance, it actually serves to give the reader an insight into Blair and build her character. It is via this relationship that we know just how deeply committed Blair is in a relationship. This helps when she ends up in an unexpected-to-her gay relationship. We just know that Blair will totally be there in her new relationship because that's just the way she is built.
What makes this book thoroughly engrossing is the merging of Blair’s and Kylie’s ideas of love and notions of partnership. Through conversations between the two during their friendship the author establishes that Blair prefers autonomy and individuality in her relationship while Kylie wants complete submersion and merger of the two identities. After Blair declares her love for Kylie, there are natural questions about her volte face from describing herself as ‘straight’. Then there is the exquisite journey of the two of them creating a new ‘us’ from their separate and divergent viewpoints of togetherness.

There is a lot of conversation about many, many things (sometimes way lot) but every conversation is an important step towards building their relationship. This book cannot be called ‘slow burn’ because the time between the realisation of being attracted to the other and speaking about is not too long. However, is a slow unveiling of building a successful relationship.

It is a beautiful read for anyone getting into a relationship -- whether gay or straight.      


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