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Something Tragic by Jessica Yeh

⭐⭐⭐⭐☆★ There are some books that hold you in a thrall of emotions that they create long after you’ve finished them. You have emotions...

Ask, Tell By E.J Noyes


Love in the time of war. Love in an atmosphere of prejudice. Ask, Tell is an extremely well done romance set in the context of the US Army and its ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy which purportedly safeguarded people with alternative sexualities but in reality served to isolate them even more.

Captain Sabine Fleischer is a surgeon deployed to a combat hospital in Afghanistan. She is in a nine-year long relationship with a civilian, Victoria, but her job is taking its toll on that relationship. Sabine’s boss in Afghanistan is Colonel Rebecca Keane, a lady who grabbed Sabine’s interest from first sight. First Sabine’s existing relationship and then the army’s rules do not allow the Captain and the Colonel to take any steps to build on their mutual attraction in any way.

The author also builds some other lovely relationships between Sabine and her best friend in the army and particularly between Sabine and her sister. Rebecca comes across as a very strong woman willing to take more risks than expected in pursuit of where her heart is leading her. Any character who follows their heart always wins our affection.

This is one of the best books that explores the reality of rules via a truly touching romance. Definitely recommended.

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