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Behind the Green Curtain By Riley Lashea


Unexpected. Dark. Intense. Angsty. Strange obsessions. This book is many things but mostly, compelling.

Caton has a sleazy boss, Jack. He is almost a caricature. In fact, in the beginning, everything seems to be exaggerated caricature-ish. Super-rich Jack sexually abusing all his female employees. No one leaving because they have no other place to go. His unbelievably beautiful wife, Amelia, who know about his predilections but takes the humiliation quietly. Amelia’s inability to leave the marriage. It’s just too unreal at this point.

As a come-uppance to Amelia’s protest about him not showing up for a party that he had asked her to arrange, Jack hires Caton to be his wife’s assistant for six months. (Caton is chosen because she is the only one in the office who hasn’t “sucked his cock”.) Amelia is cold and nasty to Caton and relegates her to a mindless, dead-end job. Until, one evening in a very, very strange encounter, Amelia asks Caton to strip. Even more strangely, Caton strips. From here on, Caton’s obsession with Amelia takes root. And seemingly, so does Amelia’s for Caton. There is a lot, note the LOT, of sex between the two without many words being exchanged. It is a weird D/S dynamic that gets established. Told from Caton’s point-of-view, what could otherwise have been sexual harassment or assault, becomes anticipation, waiting, willingness and eagerness. It is a totally skewed dynamic, in which Caton is completely involved and invested despite being the one who is practically sex-on-call.

We thought that the only path that this story could take was when the incessant fucking (Amelia to Caton) would grow into a relationship of some sort of equality between the two. Yes, that does happen. But then, the author throws unexpected twists into the tale pole-vaulting it into the genre of Fingersmith.  

This is a great read for both the many, many, super-hot sex scenes and for the story. 


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