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Both Ways By Ileandra Young

This is mishmash of Star Wars (imaginary critters living alongside humans) meets Men in Black (critter exterminators) meets Twilight (vampire-human pairing, vampires not eating) meets House of Night (dead in daylight, blood-lust, humans freely offering vampires blood).

Danika Karson is a field agent with Supernatural Prohibition, Extermination, and Arrest Regiment (SPEAR), in fictional Angbec. She has the highest capture and kill rate on record. She is modelled to be a badass, rule-breaking superstar of SPEAR. Largely based on all the tough-boys-who-don’t-give-a-damn-for-rules heroes in action films.

Rayne is a vampire with a conscience. She doesn’t want to be the nasty piece of work that vampires are and ends up trying to help Danika.

Other characters are Danika’s sister, Pippa, her mother, her boss, her partner at work, a mayor, a mayoral candidate and a clutch of other critters and humans.

We are so uncertain about this sci-fi urban fantasy.

We wanted to love the book, but we absolutely hated Danika. There is no redeeming characteristic or quality in her.

We would like to hate the book, but there is so much sweetness in Rayne and the romance she brings in to the book.

The action scenes are meh.

Confession: we had a hard time actually picking up the book to finish it after reading the first 10%.

Would we recommend it? Hell, no!

Would we say steer clear of it? Mostly, maybe.

At the end of it: don’t pick it up...but if you have, and if this kind of thing floats your boat, maybe.

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