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Fingersmith By Sarah Waters



Complex and masterful, Fingersmith, should be one everyone’s reading list – not only women who love women, but for anyone who enjoys a well-thought-out and elegantly written tale of deceit and come-uppance with a huge dollop of romance in it.

It is not for nothing that this novel is one of the most celebrated F/F works of all time. It is so good that BBC even made a great series on it. The show sticks sincerely to the book...but (yes, we have a ‘but’)…reading is a different feeling altogether. We can use our imagination to ‘see’ the characters and ‘hear’ them. Anything that is filmed takes that possibility away and then we may or may not like to characters as much. Yes, there is even a movie, The Handmaiden, made on this book. But once again, please read the book before seeing either the series or the movie. And if you’ve already seen one of them; read the book nevertheless.

Fingersmith, an old-fashioned term for thief, is a story of Sue and Maud being played by one, Gentleman. Every character is something of a rascal and the twists of plot keep you hooked and gasping. The twists continue right up to the very last scene, which is quite a feat by the wonderful Sarah Waters.

Writing about the plot without letting slip spoilers is nigh impossible so we shan’t attempt it. But yes, there are a couple of scenes where the girls do have physical intimacy and some exceptionally well written scenes of building attraction and physical longing.

A definite must-read, this one.


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