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Heart Block By Melissa Brayden


Melissa Brayden is easily amongst our top five favourite lesfic authors. Her books are always well-paced, chemistry between MCs is crackling and romance is tingly. Her MCs are sweet and their friends and families usually fun. Sometimes the angst is forced, but if there has to be a formula to be followed, this is inevitable. Sadly, this book falls a little short of the usual.

This book is no exception to the happy, uplifting romances that Brayden writes. Emory and Sarah are likeable women. The struggles for these two as a couple are a little more than the usual Brayden: Sarah has always been straight, she has a daughter, she is not out and doesn’t know when she will be; Emory is emotionally arrested, has an intrusive and insensitive ex-turned-best friend and quite a ridiculous sibling.

There are some really cringe-worthy scenes in the book, though. Like the unnecessary underlining of their financial differences in a scene with a glass of wine, the scene where Lisa (the ex-turned-best-friend) throws a surprise birthday party for Emory without bothering to inform Sarah despite knowing about their relationship followed by Emory trying to hide Sarah’s nature of work with her friends, the one where Emory dictates Sarah that she should no longer do the work that she has been doing and most definitely the scene where Emory cruelly breaks off without any really valid reason.

Despite these, Brayden somehow makes this book a sweet enough romance. Plus, the sex scenes, as always are hot. Definitely not our top pick of Brayden’s work (that would be Sparks Like Ours), but Sarah is so sweet that we recommend it just for her.    


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