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Invalid Evidence By Stevie Mikayne


This is the third book in the ongoing saga of private investigator, Jillienne Kidd and school principal, Jessica Blake. Each book deals with a fresh mystery so is stand-alone in that sense, but the relationship is progressing, so if you want to follow the romance you may want to read the two previous books before starting this one.

Jil is assigned a case in St. Eméline to investigate the death of an Orca trainer purportedly killed by a whale. Jil and Jess decide to make it a vacation too. However, the day they land, Jess receives a call from the doctor who is in-charge of her comatose husband asking her to sign papers to pull out life support. Jess flies back the next day.

The book then narrates the stories of Jil and Jess as they grapple with the challenges that they are facing. The Orca killing has more layers than expected and Jil has a murderous desperado on her back. Jess struggles with emotional baggage of her marriage, an antagonistic mother-in-law, decision on whether to continue her job or leave it and her personal health issues.

In the midst of all this, the author weaves in Jil’ and Jess’ deepening relationship with great finesse. In fact, their relationship is so well written, that even if you haven’t read the previous two book, it will make you want to read them, just to get to know the two girls better.

This is quite an interesting read. We give it a 3.5.

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