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It’s Not a Date by Heather Blackmore


The only word to describe this book is: beautiful.

Kadrienne or Kade, Davenport is a hotshot in the world of VC in Silicon Valley. Jennifer Spencer is establishing her own start-up.

They bump into each other in Maui where they are attending a tech conference. Romance novel impossibilities…which we so, so wish would happen…see them sharing a suite for one night and then spending a day together. Neither knowing much about the other.

A concatenation of circumstance leads to Kade becoming a temporary board member in Jen’s company. And then more.

The bare bones story doesn’t sound vastly different from any other romance novel. But the skill of the author Heather Blackmore is unparalleled…especially in this book.

Blackmore creates one wonderful character in Jen (we wish we had a Jen in our lives) and a very realistic character in Kade.

Despite her professional success, Kade’s growing up years have left her distancing herself from people and especially relationships. At thirty-three she hasn’t been in a single relationship. Jen negotiates the minefield of self-protective arsenal that Kade surrounds herself with to reach her.

In such a scenario, it is very easy to slip into making Kade obnoxious in her self-protection and Jen way too giving in trying to reach Kade. But this is where Blackmore does a stunning job. Initially it did seem that Kade would be a repulsive bitch, but very quickly…by their third interaction, Blackmore abandons that depiction to make Kade more open but guarded. She is actually relatable and likable. Similarly, Jen is mature, open and fearless. But not a doormat or a pushover. She is stronger and more positive than that.

This is a book with a wealth and depth of emotion. Of positive relationships. Of how to work on and create positive relationships. Of course, with a lot of attraction and great sex.

An awesome book which we strongly recommend.


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