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Love, From A to Z by Robin Alexander

⭐⭐⭐⭐☆ Robin Alexander books are like a carefully hoarded treat that we dip into when we feel rather deserving. Though this one was...

Keeping You A Secret By Julie Ann Peters


A young adult novel about discovering one’s own sexuality and coming out. This is realistic romance, so the struggles with self-discovery and homophobia are integral elements. This is an excellent book, second only to Nancy Garden’s masterpiece, Annie On My Mind.

Holland Jaeger is an all-round achiever – student body president, A+ student, in a steady (and very sexually active) relationship with her boyfriend and a couple of best friends. She is a few months away from graduations and her mother (and the world) is nagging her about her next step – college. Narrated from Holland’s point-of-view, you get the feeling that she has an acute case of ennui with life. Enter a new student, Cece Goddard, an out and open lesbian. Holland’s interest is immediately piqued and she finds herself more and more drawn into Cece, which then has her questioning her own sexuality.

Holland’s growing attraction to Cece, her tentative steps towards acting on her inexplicable want to know the girl, she slow outgrowing of her current circle – are all beautifully captured. Her acceptance of her gayness and starting and embracing her love for Cece are heartwarming. The fallout she has to face including being thrown out of her house (given only two minutes to pack) has us distraught. Her eventual struggles to make her way on her own in the world has us solidly rooting for this loveable, honest and feisty girl.

While Cece is nice enough, she somehow seems a tad less involved in the whole relationship than Holland, who literally gives up everything for love.

Nevertheless, the book is a wonderful read for all lesfic readers.


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