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Kiss the Girl By Melissa Brayden


Brayden is one of the most fun authors ever. Her characters are chilled out, supportive women and her dialogue usually a lot of fun.

Kiss the Girl is the first of the SoHo Loft Romances. The series follows the lives and romances of a group of four girls who first meet in college and form a friendship that lasts much beyond.

This one is about Brooklyn Campbell. The twenty-eight (what is this thing about being twenty-eight that les romance writers have?) old has grown up in the foster-care system but has come out with her rose-coloured glasses intact and is one-fourth owner of a boutique advertising agency (Soho Savvy) with her three other friends. On a particularly emotionally-wrought day – when her birth mother has expressed willingness to meet her and she has got a speeding ticket and her car is towed away, Brooklyn meets Jess in a wine lounge.

Thirty-eight year old Jessica Lennox is owner of a multimillion dollar ad agency which she has set up with hard work and has earned a dubious personal reputation in the industry as a result of her cutthroat practises.

Unbeknownst to Brooklyn and Jess on their impromptu, anonymous date, they are competitors for a large account.

This is an excellently written book, but at the end of it, despite focussing enough on Jess, the story remains about Brooklyn and her three friends, Hunter, Samantha and Mallory. There are some great scenes between Brooklyn and Jess, a nice build-up of their romance and some good sex too. However, by the end of the book, you really like Brooklyn and ache for a group of friends like the four girls are.

We would say this is a book, and series, abut friendship rather than romance.


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