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Love Like This By Melissa Brayden


The fourth and final instalment of the Seven Shores Romance series.

Confession: We were dying to read this one to know what happens with Elle Britton, who is possibly our most favourite Melissa Brayden character. Since it’s just us with our crush on Elle, it won’t be a spoiler to say…yesss (fist pump) she regains her number one spot in surfing and gets pregnant too. Thank you Brayden (XOXOXOXO).

Of the four friends in the Seven Shores Romance series, Hayden is the most interesting, because she is the one completely different from the Soho Loft girls (sorry, but we found similarities in the other three).

Hayden is this sweet, peppy, gushy sweetheart and we were wondering how the author would make her sexy. We were also hoping that nothing bad happens to her. And Brayden has given us just the OTT romantic book that we hoped for. And yes, Hadley is really sexed up while retaining her sweetness.

After Sparks Like Ours, this one is definitely our favourite in this series.

Also, in this book the characters get much better defined, the friendships run deeper and the every single person introduced is also well written.

Brayden is certainly one of the best authors in this genre. The relationships, particularly the friendships, she builds are just so great. Her language is young, fast and a joy to read.

What we particularly liked in this book was that the conflict/crisis which drives the two girls apart flows naturally into the narrative without seeming like a plot point.

As always, the author gives us a niiiiice romance with a little sex thrown in. Cheers to her for giving us so many happy hours with her books.    


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