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Love, From A to Z by Robin Alexander

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The Longing By Bridget Essex


We wish we hadn’t wasted our time on this book. Honestly. We need to be refunded the time we spent on it.

This is an angst-ridden tale of nineteen-year-old Sydney haunted by a constantly referred to before. Sadly, though Sydney is a tortured soul, she doesn’t evoke any sympathy. In fact, she just gets irritating with her tortured angst.

By the time the before if revealed, Sydney has lost any small amount sympathy that could’ve been felt. Maybe it is just the prolonging of the reveal, but it’s quite a failure on the author’s part wherein she has created a potentially relatable character and managed to completely divorce her from becoming a real person.

Caroline, the other protagonist, is way more real and likable. She is more open and giving.

However, there is nothing that explains why someone like Caroline would get into Sydney. This could have been better dealt with and better written.

The one thing that we liked about this book is that Caroline is a mature woman. She is forty-five to Sydney’s nineteen and the May-December aspect of the romance is nice.  

We feel that this is a book which had the potential to be extremely involving and touching – but the potential is never realised. A good premise which has been wasted.

We give it a one star for the May-December pairing, for the fact that it has a mature woman as one of the main protagonists and for the fact that Caroline is quite likable.

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