Breathless by Sarah Sanders

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Short, sweet and sexy – we loved this book. Lara is a movie star whose career has crashed and burnt. She is in the throes o...

Too Late... I Love You By Kiki Archer


Connie Parker is in her early twenties and mother of a three-year-old. She had got pregnant without quite planning for it and chooses to be a stay-at-home mom. Her relationship with her boyfriend, Kurt, isn’t all that great. In fact, the author has written a very realistic relationship where both want to try making it better each time they are alone, but the interaction is so broken that together they just cannot get it right. Connie sublimates her romanticism into writing during those little pockets of time that bringing up her baby gives her.

During one of her kiddie-activity she meets Maria, another mom with a three-year-old. Maria is completely put together, seemingly out-of-Connie’s-league rich, warm, funny and openly gay. Maria extends the hand of friendship to Connie and slowly they start spending time together.

As Connie’s relationship with Kurt deteriorates, her relationship with Maria thrives and grows…so much so that the book she is writing began with cynicism about love and is growing into a romance.

Our minor issue with the book is the conflict. There is some guideline for romance writing that a book should follow an attraction – conflict – resolution/climax trajectory to be good. The author follows this dictum and introduces a really weird plot twist to bring in the conflict. The reason for the conflict between the MCs is not really worth the conflict. The way Maria behaves during this part also diverges from her characterisation. So this part not only didn’t work, it brought down the enjoyment of the heretofore thoroughly enjoyable book. Another pain point was the characterisation of a minor character, Louise. She is really quite nice but there was too much of trying to cast her as a bitch (uncalled for) and actually having her swept away with a broom! Not cool.

We feel rather rewarded when we meet a book where we like both MCs equally. When there is humour and sweetness in the book, that is even better. So this is a wholly enjoyable book with some truly funny scenes and engaging dialogue. 


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