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Other Girls by Avery Brooks

⭐⭐⭐⭐ The title and the cover almost made us think that this is a paranormal story, but it turns out that this is amongst the best en...

Drawing Down the Mist by Sheri Lewis Wohl


Vampires loving humans. Vampires hating vampires. Vampires killing humans. Vampires killing vampires. Good vampires. Evil vampires. Internet-savvy vampires. Lovers turning enemies. Nurturing revenge for a century. Kindness. Cruelty. Love. Action. Fights. Insta-love. This one has everything for a true drama.

A hundred years back, when she was nineteen, Sasha Rudin, born Maria Nikolaevna (so the back cover says Maria Romanova, but the book says Nikolaevna…and we go by the name the character calls herself) watched her family being slaughtered. She was shot too, but then, she was turned into a vampire. She was shot and turned by a woman she was in love with, Katrina. Naturally the love didn’t last and a century later, both women feel betrayed by the other and as looking forward to vengeance.

Cut to present day. Dee Arkin a celebrated author is researching her next book on vampires. Willy-nilly she stumbles on to what seems to be proof that vampires exist. The net presence alerts all factions of vampires that she is sniffing too close and they decide that she needs to be stopped.

Katrina has decided that apart from exacting revenge on Maria, she wants world domination and for that human beings need to be pruned out. Sasha is set against vampires ruling the world and has been quietly working on a counter-offensive plan against the Consortium, led by Katrina, and their hopes to take over and rule the world.

Within the main plotline, the author weaves in the attraction between Sasha and Dee with a soft touch. Building a character who would stand their own against a charismatic, beautiful, larger-than-life vampire character would’ve been tricky but Dee pulls her own against Sasha.

However, it is the epilogue that is killer. The last scene of this impossible and obvious flight of fancy is so heartbreakingly beautiful and perfect that we actually felt our heart clench and eyes prick with tears. Every single star here is for the epilogue.


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