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Tease Me by Sarah Sanders

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Usually we’re a little leery about picking up an erotic novella because the novella may not have enough length for a roman...

Jump Then Fall by Sarah Sanders


An unabashed, unapologetic romance with lots and lots of sizzling, superhot sex. Yummy!

Ika and Ree work in a multinational organisation and meet in an office getaway. Neither knows who the other is but are drawn to each other.

We don’t want to write more about the storyline because it is so worth a read. The chemistry between the two MCs is outstanding. The author reveals the personalities of each of the two via dialogues instead of telling and describing them too much.

There are a large number of excellent sex scenes each one helping in developing the relationship. This one is all about relationship development and the beautiful handling of different personalities by partners in a relationship.

It is interesting to see how the author deals with age-gap, body image and difficulties in emotional intimacy. Without making it the focus of the romance swimming along breezily (with a lot of sexy times), the author brings up and deals with the more serious issues of a relationship with sensitivty, love and tenderness.

The book has our favourite tropes: insta-love and an aggressive, dominant, femme bottom.

Definitely recommended. 


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