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Euro Tripped by Sally Bryan


A book that is sure to make you want to travel.

Freya and Gabe are studying to be doctors and have been together for five years. They decide to go on a road trip through Europe before beginning their internships. Unbeknownst to Freya, her controlling father has pressurised Gabe into having a quick wedding leading to a couple of kids before Freya can get into the unrelenting life of a doctor.

The couple sets off and before they can say Jack Robinson, Gabe’s old buddy Dan and a travelling companion he has picked up, Arwen, join them.

This is a book about experiencing and discovering yourself told from Freya’s point of view. Her deadly orderliness and Arwen’s carefree recklessness are counterpoints to each other but the chemistry between them is quite scorching.

Freya’s fear after the first time they sleep together and her subsequent knee-jerk reaction are understandable.

The only part we didn’t quite understand (or find justification in) was the separation of three years, two months and one week between Freya and Arwen just before the epilogue. That time between their getting together was inexplicable.

This is a long book or self-discovery with a lot of sub-plots which are all interwoven very well together.

It may not be a one-sitting read, but so very worth the patience to get through it. We thoroughly enjoyed it.


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