Delicate by Sarah Sanders

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Gosh! What a beautiful romance! Sports romance with the most gorgeous MCs. Valentina González was a promising tennis playe...

Jericho By Ann McMan


Warm interactions. Adorable supporting characters. Totally loveable MCs. Fluid writing. Painstaking detailing. Slow burn. Excellent dialogue. Crackling chemistry. What’s there not to love!

Syd Murphy is in the midst of a divorce and fleeing to find some space. She ends up in Jericho, a small town as a librarian. It is an eighteen-month engagement. In Jericho she meets Maddie Stevenson, the town doctor who kinda moonlights as the town handyman also. Besides Maddie, Jericho also offers up a handful or other colourful characters. Syd and Maddie thoroughly enjoy each other’s company and become friends. But it is not just platonic enjoyment of the other that is drawing and tying them together. The latent attraction and crackling chemistry cannot be long ignored. The growing feelings she has for Maddie throws the hitherto straight Syd into a tizzy and struggling to deal with the new layers that she is finding in herself.

The book is long (okay, a tad too long) and there are a couple of truly weird scenes. Like we do not understand what pretending to be a couple in front of Maddie’s mother was supposed to achieve, except set stage for a pretend-kiss. That was a little clumsy and forced in an otherwise excellent book. Similarly, the whole crazy-man-attacking-and-burning-down-Syd’s-house plot line was a forced plot point to make the MCs move in and live together.

But this is easily amongst the most engaging lesfic romances available. Just dive into it and you’ll surely emerge with a huge smile.


Always Alex By Robin Alexander


Friendship. Love. Sweetness. Heat. Well-developed MCs and supporting characters. This one has it all right.

Dana Castilaw and Alex Soileau are childhood friends playing together, making wishes in a faux well together. Two years older than Dana, Alex left for college and then over years lost touch when the busy-ness of life took them over. Twenty years thence, Dana is forced to return to her hometown with her daughter due to pecuniary circumstances, to stay with her father, who she had tried to escape in her young age. Back home, she learns that Alex has also returned a few years back. The two of them reunite and immediately get back into the easy rhythm of their friendship. However, all those years back, Alex was just discovering she was gay and in love with her best friend. She neither acted on that emotion then, nor has she ever been able to entirely get over her first love. With time, Dana realises that her impassioned acts for and with Alex in their teens were not entirely explicable to platonic friendship. She begins to see her behaviour in new light and figures out that she may not be all that straight, after all.

This book is such a great read. It is fun and funny. It draws you in right away, from the first scene itself. Dana and Alex are great characters, individually and together. Every single secondary character is fully realised and all relationships well drawn.

Highly, highly recommended. 


Love's Portrait by Anna Larner


Molly Goode draws you into to book and into her from the first dialogue. Committed, passionate, idealistic, open, funny, giving…she is completely adorable. The other MC, Georgina Wright, starts off tilting towards being an Ice Queen, but is mercifully, as open to Molly as Molly truly deserves.

Brief synopsis: Molly is a newly appointed art curator of a museum. Wright Foundation is one of the main benefactors of the said museum. Georgina’s father willed a fairish number of artefacts to the museum, and now Georgina has to hand over the bequest. She seems to be dragging her feet and Molly is assigned the task to get Georgina going on it. However, the first time the two MCs meet, Georgina has come to the museum to find the provenance of one particular painting of one of her ancestors’, Josephine. At that point Molly doesn’t know who Georgina is. The painting captures Molly’s imagination and the story unfolds on two levels: the growing relationship between Molly and Georgina and the relationship between Josephine and Edith (the painter of the portrait) two hundred years back.

This was a complex story to cultivate but has been excellently executed. While all the characters are beautifully developed but the tortured Josephine and completely loveable Molly really burrow into your heart. The relationship between the two MCs grabs you and the chemistry is oh, so there.

Definitely recommended. 


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