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Accidentally In Love by Carol Wyatt

An almost-fake relationship in an almost work setting makes an almost good book – but falls short.

Brooke is PA to Liz, a real estate millionaire, and nurses a huge crush on her boss who is quite a bit older. By a concatenation of circumstance, Liz asks Brooke to be her fake girlfriend for a few months and Brooke readily agrees. Both harbour attraction towards each other, so the biggest thing that could go wrong would be that they actually move from fake to real space. Well, that happens…and it is quite pain-free.

The trouble in the book is Liz. The first time she becomes not-very-likeable is when she takes off on her best friend for dating a much younger girl working for the friend. After this scene, Brooke shows spine and calls Liz out on her inappropriate behaviour and for being judgemental and closed-minded. Liz redeems herself by listening to Brooke.

The real problem with Liz arises when she and Brooke are part of a Pride rally. In the party following the rally, Brooke is being young – dancing and drinking. And the fact that Brooke is getting drunk is enough to make Liz feel that it has all gone bad and downhill. Later, they two of them go to Spain to attend Liz’s friend’s marriage. In the party there Liz suspects that Brooke is getting wasted again. She takes her away from the party and leaves Spain before Brooke wakes up the next day. Really? Liz is supposed to be falling for Brooke and she runs, effectively ending the relationship because Brooke gets wasted?! Aren’t you supposed to take care of people who matter to you when they get drunk? And it is not as if Brooke has a drinking problem. But Liz just ups and leaves.   

Brooke is consistently open and likeable, but Liz – no. Throughout their relationship, Liz is only giving in to her attraction for the other girl but doesn’t even try to really build the relationship.

This one just didn’t work for us – but we liked Brooke enough to give it one star. 

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