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Born Out of Wedlock by Lyn Gardner


Tropes: Fake Marriage plus Ice Queen.

Expert handling by Lyn Gardner.

Result: An excellent read despite its length (and way too many detailed descriptions of the house, cars, etc.).

As the back cover says: Two women. Two worlds. Two problems...and two attitudes.

Addison Kane is to the manor born. She has all the money in the world yet in a constant race to prove herself. Brought up by a single parent, her father, who hated her, Addison has been denied any sort of loving in her childhood. Though her grandfather doted on her, it was not enough. Addison is single-minded in succeeding at her family business and making her company bigger and bigger. It is her self-validation.

Joanna Sheppard is scraping poverty. Looking after her seriously unwell father, Joanna works in a day job plus works as a cleaner at nights – just to make ends meet. But her love for her father makes it possible for her to fight fate with a smile.

Addison’s father dies. But in his death he has made some changes that are likely to take away the business from Addison. A business that she has built almost entirely. The only way to save it is to get married before her next birthday.

The book is slow burn. And you’re really burning for the MCs to get together by the time they actually do. Initially, Addison is dislikeable. Extremely so. But as Joanna’s (who is adorable) feelings for her start growing, you start thawing towards her too. The book is hugely angsty, but holds you all through.

On the whole, this certainly is recommended. 


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