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New Ink on Life by Jennie Davids


This was difficult to plow through initially on four major counts.

The first was that MJ is really dislikeable. She is rude, curt and plain nasty.

The second is the message that rudeness equals to strength. No! A nice, amiable person can also be strong. Aggressiveness is not assertiveness. Nastiness is not equal to strength.

The third was at anyone, especially someone as nice and strong as Cassie can be attracted to MJ. There is some serious masochism in that said attraction and that is just sad.

The fourth is that there is a story about MJ and Maya out there in one of the free story websites. So MJ and Cassie was difficult to handle because it screamed of cheating. Maya changing character from the original story was too much of a quantum leap.

Given all these issues, Cassie made us man through the book. She is a really great character. We also like the fact that this author has written a character with something seen as a serious physical disfigurement and has dealt with it with a deft touch. She has Cassie being aware and extremely sensitive to her bodily appearance and has MJ bring her out of it with tenderness. 

While MJ gets a zero-to-negative in rating, Cassie is a four.  


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