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The Bad Mothers' Book Club by Keris Stainton

⭐⭐⭐⭐ This book is more chicklit than lesfic but is thoroughly enjoyable. It starts in the dreaded gate-moms world. Yeah, that is...

Recipe for Love by Aurora Rey


Easy pace, lots of detailing about farming and cooking, and fairly good chemistry between the MCs (with a couple of good sex scenes thrown in).

Drew Davis is a New York City chef wanting to speed up her climb in her career and a move upstate seems to be the right move for that. A new restaurant, Fig, is looking for a head chef. Fig aims to be a farm-to-table restaurant in the truest sense of the concept. One of the farms from which Fig sources produce is Hannah’s Three Willows Farm. On first sight, Hannah judges Drew harshly and seems adamant on holding on to an unjustified dislike. Attraction, chemistry and a growing appreciation of Drew’s professional abilities change the dynamics.

Everything about this book is nice. But that’s both, the good and bad thing – it is ‘nice’. Everything felt just middle-of-the-road but there is very little to dislike either. If you find it in your hands, go ahead and read it – but not something that you should be scouring around for either.

PS: Love the cover, though.


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