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Love, From A to Z by Robin Alexander

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Scaredy Cat by Robin Alexander


Robin Alexander’s characters are unfailingly engaging and likeable. The MCs in this one, Blake Taylor and Quinn Scott are no exception – and awfully likeable. However, under all the humour, in this one, Alexander tackles some not-so-light issues as well.

Blake is something of a Queen of Horror. She writes enormously popular horror novels, some of which have been made into successful films as well. However, Blake is fearful of almost everything – and that really means everything. Blake is fighting multiple demons of her own.

Quinn has a plumbing business which she takes care of with her brother in tiny Cypress Glade. She became something of an outcast when she was outed plus she was completely rejected by her mother. So she is fighting her own unhappinesses.

A family intervention leads to Blake renting a house in Cypress Grove and Quinn is roped in to be her tour guide of sorts.

The two women get off to a strange start and things build between them with each meeting where each learns to appreciate the other.

Written in Alexander’s inimitable humorous style, Scaredy Cat is light and fun even as it deals with Blake’s debilitating fears and Quinn’s not-yet-come-to-terms-with rejection by her mother. Their relationship makes them stronger, and it is as beautiful as it is fun.

The book is a great read.


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