Breathless by Sarah Sanders

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Short, sweet and sexy – we loved this book. Lara is a movie star whose career has crashed and burnt. She is in the throes o...

Alone by E. J. Noyes


When you actually experience every single emotion and thought of both the MCs almost physically, you know you’re submerged in something created by a magician. This book has an unusual circumstance in which the MCs meet and that circumstance is one of the drivers or their relationship and every emotion. It is wonderfully imagined and executed.

An experiment of having a person live completely alone for a period of a minimum of three years, extendable to four years, if the person agrees to continue. Celeste Thorne is the study subject of the experiment. With lots of money at the end of four years, she opts to stay beyond three years. She is a few months into the fourth year when her solitude is disrupted by the arrival of Olivia, a wandering hiker whom Celeste shoots by mistake.

Celeste develops strong feelings very quickly for Olivia but has a hard time separating reality from the almost-hallucinations that she has been having. She even wonders whether Olivia is real or someone she’s dreamed up. She has a hard time controlling her lust, till Olivia makes the first move to giving a physical expression to their closeness.

But Celeste knows that Olivia’s time with her is limited because the experiment requires Celeste to be alone. She is dreading Olivia leaving – till she discovers a secret that Olivia has been keeping and it splits Celeste apart.

E. J. Noyes is easily one of the most gifted writers pulling us into whatever world she creates making us live and feel every emotion with her characters. She also has an ability to write equally awesome MCs and we absolutely love it when a book has two fantastic MCs. The other big, big, big comfort in Noyes’ romances is that both the MCs feel equally strongly about each other – and nothing in this world is better than reading about love reciprocated with completeness.

Definitely, loudly, vehemently recommended. 


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