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Love, From A to Z by Robin Alexander

⭐⭐⭐⭐☆ Robin Alexander books are like a carefully hoarded treat that we dip into when we feel rather deserving. Though this one was...

An Intimate Deception by CJ Birch

This has been one of the most difficult books to plod through. Everything about it is banal and boring, including and especially MC Elle Ashley. The other MC Robin Oakes is more engaging and interesting but there is hardly anything of her in the book. The best things in the book are the cover and the title.

It is set in a really, really small town (of probably 900 people). Elle is the sheriff and also the police department, which is okay because no crime really happens there. Until there is a murder. The victim is Jessie, Elle’s old boyfriend. The murder is discovered in the presence of visiting journalist Robin.

Most of the book is spent on – really, we cannot even remember what is the focus of the book. Some parts solving the murder; some parts the busyness of small town; some part being in the head of Elle’s brother EJ (quite a repulsive character); and most part nothing. At around 80% the book picks up a tad, but it is too little too late. By the time the murderer is unearthed (don’t want to give away spoilers here), we were actually rooting for the murderer to get away and live happily ever after.

By withholding information and outright lying about her latest interactions with Jessie, Elle does nothing to redeem herself in any way whatsoever.

Feels terrible to say this because the author has spent around a decade with this book – but so not recommended. In fact, avoidable. 

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