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In the Silences by Rachel Gold


What an amazing book! It deals with very serious issues of insidious brain-washing that leads to non-acceptance, stereotyping, marginalization and discrimination on multiple levels and is breathtakingly brilliantly written.

Aisha Warren, and African-American, has just moved into an overwhelmingly white neighbourhood. She meets Kaz Adams and the two become instant friends. Kaz is struggling with gender issues trying to get a grasp on what she is.

To write more of the synopsis would be actually narrating the story, and that would never do justice to this book.

The racial issues that Aisha faces are heart-breaking.

The relationship between Aisha and Kaz is caring, nurturing, supportive, uplifting, protective, loving and totally #goals. Both the MCs are assertive and amazing. Individually each of them is awesome, but together they are incredible.

Written in first person from Kaz’s PoV, it made us admire and empathise with Kaz, but fall in love with Aisha.  

Definitely a must-read.


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