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Love Under Glasse by Kristina Meister


This is pure lose-yourself-into-it drama; but like an extremely well-made movie, you remain riveted till the absolutely perfect end.

Elyrra Glasse is a browbeaten teenager who speaks in the softest of whispers. Her dominating mother wants to mould her into the person that Mama Glasse want but El cannot be completely controlled. Her rebellion is in the form of an anonymous blog where she writes about herself and her love for the badass, motorcycle driving, tattooed girl who has captured her completely, Riley Vanator. In their senior year, El and Riley start having a few conversations. Riley finds herself rather drawn to the timid, shy girl. El finds the strength to break free from her mother and runs away. Mama Glasse, who has been spying on El’s blog goes to Riley to find out where El is and shows Riley the blog. When Riley reads the blog, she is blown by El and her carefully contained nascent feeling begin to take shape. She decides to set out to search El and strikes a deal with Mama Glasse about it.

EL and Riley are both so strong and sweet that it is impossible not to be completely drawn into them and root for them, individually and together. Mama Glasse is almost a caricature OTT villain, but works nevertheless. We absolutely love the end.

Definitely recommended.   


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