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Second Chances by A.E. Radley


This is an absolute delight to read. Likeable characters, well-written, easy flow and sweet romance.

Hannah Hall has had a terrible time in school with bullying. However, she chooses to stay in Fairlight, the town that she grew up in, despite feeling judged by the community. As a defence mechanism, she keeps everyone at an arm’s length or outright pushes them away. At twenty-five, she has a five-year-old gifted daughter, Rosie, who is just starting school and Hannah wants her daughter to have as commonplace a school experience as possible. Alice Spencer is the new teacher for Form 1, having just moved from Manchester. There is an attraction between Hannah and Alice though they lock horns over Hannah’s need to keep things ordinary for Rosie and Alice’s belief that someone as bright as Rosie should be kept mentally challenged and stimulated to allow her to reach her full potential.

Hannah and Alice are written with their own blind spots and flaws which even come in the way of their budding relationship, but both very likeable and understandable. Rosie makes us feel utterly protective about her. The developing relationship between Hannah and Alice is well handled and the conflict and resolutions flow perfectly.

Definitely recommended.         


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