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Other Girls by Avery Brooks

⭐⭐⭐⭐ The title and the cover almost made us think that this is a paranormal story, but it turns out that this is amongst the best en...

The Road to Madison by Elle Spencer


A completely sappy romance that we thoroughly enjoyed. It is angsty with stereotypical characters but give us sappiness and we are happy as kittens getting a belly rub. And this has sappiness in boat loads.

Madison Prescott is heir to a vast family fortune as the only daughter of the vile, overbearing George Prescott the third. As a single child with not many friends, eight year old Madison meets even year old Ana Perez, their new maid’s daughter. The girls hit off and become friends. As they grow up, their friendship becomes more and George Prescott won’t have it. He manages to put an end to the relationship. Fifteen years later, Papa Prescott is dead and Madison finds that Ana hates her. The two slowly and painfully find their way back to each other.

We love the fact that the author has presented some tough emotions in the way they actually work in real life. Madison’s unwillingness to forgive her father and her perfectly understandable cruelty in telling him terrible truths in later life. Ana’s inability to trust Madison again and her unwillingness to completely cut her off. These are grey emotions that everyone feels but are not focussed on. The MCs are individually okay, but work well together. Oh! And the first scene – excellent!

This book is pure drama with characters not greatly delved into – but a thoroughly enjoyable read for anyone who loves pure sap, like we do.    


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