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Sparks Fly by Sarah Sanders

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Under a Falling Star by Jae


This is a fanfic of a fanfic. Not too long back there was barely any lesfic and lesbian romances were even more scarce. Into that world, Xena exploded and spawned a number of sites dedicated to fan stories about Xena and Gabrielle. From pure fanfic, the Xena stories expanded into what was termed as ‘uber’ fiction where the MCs were still Xena and Gabirelle but with different names in different settings. Melissa Good* became one of the most popular authors and her uber fanfic introduced Dar and Kelly in Tropical Storm (published in 2006). Under a Falling Star is essentially Tropical Storm. The characters, the characterisations, the relationship, the relationship development, the interactions between the MCs and even some important plot points are all Tropical Storm.

Austen is just starting a new job with Kudos Entertainment as executive assistant to Tim Saunders. Mr. Saunders’ sister, Ms. Saunders is the COO of the organisation and pretty much looked upon as some sort of a devil incarnate by the rest of the office. On her first day, Austen volunteers to take charge of decorating the Christmas tree. Her idea is that every member of the staff write their wish and hang it in the tree. Austen watches as on controlling woman hangs her wish and proceeds to try and change the lighting arrangement that Austen has put, resulting the crystal star on top of the tree falling and crashing on the lady. Without knowing who she is, Austen rushes Dee to the ER and they just connect.

In Jae’s version Dar is Dee and Kerry is Austen, but we completely loved the book. It has been years since we read Dar and Kerry and a new spin-off of the old favourite was very welcome. Our heart still warmed to both MCs and their beautiful romance (as originally conceived by Good).

What do we say about a recommendation? We loved the original and thoroughly enjoyed this fanfic too.

*Other notable lesfic authors who emerged from writing Xena fanfic: K.G. MacGregor, Ann McMan (her Jericho is still available on one of the sites), Karin Kallmaker, Gerri Hill, Ali Vali, Blayne Cooper, Susan X Meagher (amongst others, All that Matters, I Found My Heart in San Francisco Series and Arbor Vitae first made an appearance as fanfic), Radclyffe (Honor series),   K. E. Lane (And Playing the Role of Herself), B.L. Miller…the list goes on and on. Check out our Free Reads page for a link to the sites where these notables first started their journey.


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