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The Art of Us by K.L. Hughes

⭐⭐⭐⭐ This book is an intensely emotional journey that had all kinds of emotions churning and bubbling up in us. Charlee Parker i...

When She Thaws by Lily Craig


…or when The Sound of Music becomes a lesbian romance. Having seen The Sound of Music like 16.72 gazillion times, it was disconcerting, to say the least, to find it in this book.

Sadie Powell, who is about twenty seven, from Chicago lands in Austria as an au pair to the Webers. A single mom, forty-five year old Inga, and her three kids – two teenagers and one six year old. Inga’s husband left her two years back for an Instagram model and ever since then she has her kids home schooled. Hence, au pair. But there hasn’t been much luck with retaining au pairs, till Sadia comes along. Inga also wants to keep her kids strictly regimented to ensure that things go according to plan. Sadie tries to get into the routine, but thinks the kids deserve more fun times.

Austria. Single parent. Ice queen. Home schooling. Regimented. The Sound of Music.

Craig’s books can do with a little more fleshing out of characters and building up the relationships. They aren’t bad but they fall short of being good because they seem to skim the surface a lot. There are some scenes, like right in the beginning when Sadie asks for books in English which really build the characters and the slow burn of the relationship. More of such scenes would’ve helped making this a more engaging read.

On the whole, okay.   


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