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Away from Home (Oakview #6) by Sienna Waters


This book has one of the best blurbs ever. The blurb synopsises the story perfectly but says very little of the characters, who are so likeable.

Avery has a heart-clenching guileless innocence about her. Charlotte is a tortured soul in her own right. And together, they make a very sweet romance.

This series is essentially standalone romances. The characters from the other books make an appearance in this one, but it is necessary to know their stories to get their cameos in this one.

This is a sweet and engaging book.

For those interested in the synopsis, here it is from the blurb:

Avery Alden is thirty four, a virgin, and an heiress. If inheriting a run-down inn outside of Oakview can be considered a legacy. She’s shy, grieving for her mother, and terrified of her future.

But when Charlotte Barett, an English professor visiting from London, knocks on her door late one night, Avery thinks her luck might be about to change. Charlotte is attractive, confident, and, more importantly, interested. Or she might be. Maybe. Perhaps.

The mysterious Charlotte is walled off and definitely hiding something about her past. But Avery thinks she’s the one who might finally get through to the cold professor. And Charlotte seems more than willing to help renovate the inn in return for a bed to sleep in.

As feelings grow and sparks fly, Charlotte’s walls begin to crack. But when they finally come tumbling down, Avery isn’t sure she can deal with what lies behind them.

The future is a scary place when you’re facing it alone. But what if you don’t need to be alone at all?


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