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Because I Said So by Karin Kallmaker


What we liked most about this book is that one of the MCs is Filipino. And it is rather sad when the biggest draw of a romance is the racial diversity in it and not the romance per se. 

Kesa Sapiro is a very hardworking designer with a dream of having her own workshop. Based in LA, she has actors as her clients and is getting close to realising her dream. Kesa’s parents died in a car crash when she was a teen getting ready to go to college. She was left with crippling debts and a little sister, Josie. Since then, life has been a struggle for Kesa to keep her sister with her and out of foster homes, to make ends meet, to make a living. When at nineteen, Josie tells Kesa that she wants to get married to her boyfriend Pax, Kesa is thrown. She feels Josie is too young – Pax and Josie are both still in college. In navigating the minefield of looking after Josie and not suffocating her, Kesa meets Pax and his not-quite-legal guardian (who has the same misgivings as Kesa), Shannon Dealan, a woman who ghosted Kesa four years back as soon as Kesa said she loved Shannon.

The chemistry between the two MCs is crackling but there was no really connection between them. We don’t get a sense of any emotion flowing. All we see is chemistry. Kesa is nice but we cannot say the same about Shannon. While we didn’t outright dislike Shannon, we found nothing likeable or understandable in her. Kesa grew in her likeability factor simply because there was nothing to Shannon.

We wanted to like this book but are massively underwhelmed. 



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