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Love, From A to Z by Robin Alexander

⭐⭐⭐⭐☆ Robin Alexander books are like a carefully hoarded treat that we dip into when we feel rather deserving. Though this one was...

Just One Moment by Dena Blake


This book is all about soul-searching and moving on from infidelity in a relationship. Despite this wafer-thin plot, the book is written brilliantly and the characters developed beautifully.

Shay Buchanan and Chloe Jensen are married and have been together for five years. Theirs was a honeymoon-forever kind of love. However, in the past year, their relationship was strangled by silence and Shay had an affair with a colleague and six months back, they separated. Chloe is in the process of trying to move on. Shay goes to plead with her to get back, but as she is leaving, she gets involved in an accident. Chloe, to whom Shay still matters, is solidly there to look after Shay in the hospital and after she is discharged. The accident has wiped out the past year from Shay’s mind. She doesn’t remember anything about their relationship unravelling and her own role in it. Chloe is struggling with multiple emotions pulling her in various directions.

Dealing with infidelity has to be one of the most difficult things in a relationship. The author does a wonderful job getting into Chloe’s head and heart during this phase. Shay, with all her grand gestures of love, seems to be lacking the depth of feeling that Chloe has.

This is not a particularly light or fast read, but it is a completely engrossing, and Chloe is someone we’d really love to have in our life. We absolutely cannot imagine someone wanting to, much less actually cheating on her.


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