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Love, From A to Z by Robin Alexander

⭐⭐⭐⭐☆ Robin Alexander books are like a carefully hoarded treat that we dip into when we feel rather deserving. Though this one was...

Full of Promise by Kate Gavin


High school and mid-teens are chrysalis age. Caterpillars urn to butterflies and gain their true colours. So stories with characters in this age are often very interesting. But that depends on the writing.

Cameron Leoni’s parents have recently divorced and her mother is overly extended in trying to keep things on an even keel for her three children. Cameron, about to start her senior year in high school, is pulled in to share some of the responsibilities. Part of that is to earn her college fees, for which she takes a job in the library. As a rather quiet, regular girl with and boyfriend and a best friend for socialisation, this suits Cam perfectly. Working in the library during summer, Cam is drawn towards one girl who frequents the library, but except for smiles of acknowledgement, they don’t exchange much more. When school starts, Cam finds that the library girl is Riley Baker, new to town, in her school and her year. Cam and her best friend Claire become friends with Riley. Cam is not sure what to do with the unexpected feelings that Riley evokes in her.

This is a high school coming-of-age novel which tells a sweet enough oft-told tale but fails to draw us into the emotions. The story is nice, sweet, unfolds at an even pace but somehow fails to touch our emotions. We surely like that the end was full of promise and not that the two girls were separating.

(On a side note: How did the entire burden of bringing up kids fall on Cam’s mom while her ‘nice’ dad gets away being responsibility-free?)

This is a take-it or leave-it for us.  


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