Jump Then Fall by Sarah Sanders

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ An unabashed, unapologetic romance with lots and lots of sizzling, superhot sex. Yummy! Ika and Ree work in a multinati...

Love You Always (Rose Lake #2) by Chloe Peterson


This is one book that definitely needed to be longer to justify the depth of feeling between the MCs and also for dealing with the issues between them.

Brooke Anderson is the head designer at Bliss Designs, which she also owns. The fashion house is focussed on designing beautiful clothes for curvy women and plus sizes. Bliss Designs is doing okay (it actually has celebrity clientele) but is just about breaking even. Brooke’s millionaire uncle is bankrolling the label and wants the business to show profits. So without informing Brooke, he appoints a business consultant, Amy Donovan. After initial resistance to the idea, Brooke let’s Amy do her job, seemingly partly because she’s hot.

Both the MCs are relatable. Brooke’s abandonment anxiety, its reason and impact are well laid out. The chemistry between the MCs is also good. What would have been nice would be to see the relationship build up enough for Amy to shift to Rose Lake.

This is a short, easy read which is pleasant but unimpactful. 


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