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The Bad Mothers' Book Club by Keris Stainton

⭐⭐⭐⭐ This book is more chicklit than lesfic but is thoroughly enjoyable. It starts in the dreaded gate-moms world. Yeah, that is...

Sit. Stay. Love. by Karis Walsh


Alana Brendt is an event coordinator working with top hotels. She is ambitious and loves her city+hotel life. There is a mix-up between two events in the hotel Alana is with and her boss throws Alana under the bus blaming the disaster on her. Alana loses her job plus loses face and other job prospects in near future. So she applies for and lands a one-year contract in remote Yakima, Washington. She arrives in Yakima and knows that she, the new job and Yakima are NOT a match. However, she meets the local vet Tegan Evans and there is someone she wants to make a match with, albeit only for the year she plans to stay in Yakima.

The whole fish-out-of-water cum in-over-her-head situations created around Alana are entertaining. The way she buckles up and deals with the unexpected is adorable. There is insta-attraction, which is okay, but we couldn’t quite get what was attractive about Tegan. Alana yes…we get what makes her attractive. Tegan is not bad but there is really nothing to her. In fact, as the book progresses, Alana becomes more and more likeable and her emotions spill out of the pages – but Tegan, *shrug*.

There is a little bit of angst but thankfully it is not dragged out or extended. In any case, this is a fluffy, light read.


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