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The Cybernetic Tea Shop by Meredith Katz


OMG! Wow!

This is an absolutely brilliant piece of work and we’re still trying to process all the emotions it evoked in us.

It is a gentle, tender love story between a long-discontinued-and-now-illegal robot, Sal and a highly-skilled technician, Carla. In the world that Carla inhabits, creating sapient robots with the ability to learn and transform behaviourally is illegal. However, sentient beings that remain in the state that they were originally created are legal. Carla’s new boss in Seattle recommends her to go to a tea shop, The Cybernetic Tea Shop. Carla goes there and is shocked to find that it is run by a robot, Sal. Sal is close to three hundred years old, so she was created before robots were done away with, but lives facing isolation and hatred.  

Sal is written so sensitively that we had a drop of tear hanging at the edge of our eye throughout the book. This book is an absolutely beautiful piece of art. While Sal is a robot, it is easy to imagine what marginalised people could be feeling and experiencing in the face of bigotry – like Sal.

The writer has created great people in Sal, Carla and even Carla’s sentient hummingbird, Joanie.

Since this is sci-fi, it may not interest everyone – but this book is for anyone who connects with emotions. It is moving and touching.

We not only strongly recommend this book, we actively exhort everyone to read it. 


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