Sugar & Spice by Sarah Sanders

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This one is super short, super cute and super hot. Princess Aurora has just been formally made the Crown Princess of her c...

Ice Cream Wars by A.E. Radley and Emma Sterner-Radley


A short, fairly okay novella – this is meant to be an escapist romcom.

Cherry Hawkins, an ice cream aficionado has always wanted to have a profession which had something to do with ice cream. She studies business, manages to save up for a trike and starts off her own ice cream business: Cherry on Top. She’s allotted a space which happens to be opposite Juliana Martin-Sinclair’s snobbish gelato/sorbet/coffee shop, The Gelato Parlour. Juliana is immediately threatened and starts making and executing devious plans to chase the thoroughly cheerful and friendly Cherry away. However, Cherry comes out on top in each of the skirmishes, though she doesn’t see them as competitors at all. When Cherry has an accident, Juliana realises and regrets her behaviour and sets about making amends.

This is an okay filler-type read. Cherry is lovely, Juliana (despite her grandiose gestures in the latter half of the book) not so much. We didn’t feel the chemistry, really.

This wouldn’t be our go to choice but it’s not totally meh.


Undone by Bryce Oakley


Billie Rush is a singer and songwriter. Her band, The Shrikes, had a successful first album but two years thence, there’s no progress on the next one because her co-band-member-cum-co-songwriter, her sister, Domino has a writer’s block. Vero De Luca, daughter of a famous singer-star, Felix Lucas, has just quit her band, UltraViolet, and is about to launch her solo career. Billie is approached to co-write a song with Vero for Vero’s launch album. Billie is not sure she wants to do it, but finally agrees. Both the girls have reservations about the other and the going is not so great. Vero has a lot of ghosts haunting her from the past plus she is feeling undermined but lack of complete faith in her talent and abilities from her label. So she has a lot to get over and a lot to prove.

The premise of the book is very interesting. Most of it is also excellent. However, at some point the pacing gets a little off especially with regard to the feelings of the MCs for each other. Dom’s ‘protective’ behaviour is not at all understandable. Vero comes across as honest, vulnerable and an emotional person. Billie doesn’t exactly cover herself in glory as an understanding or supportive partner. Vero is really the only one working on that relationship.

On the whole, an okay read.


Neighborly Love by Christine L'Amour


Amy Parker is a twenty-three year old artist who’d dropped out of college three years back and is comfortable living with her parents and taking on freelance jobs as and when they come her way. She is happy napping and playing video games the rest of the time. She volunteers to house-sit for a friend and finds her neighbour is Meghan Crichton, who has really loud parties every weekend. Meghan is the owner of a small, struggling business. She’d borrowed money from her father to start the business and her father wants the money back now – money that Meghan doesn’t have. Amy and Meghan meet in the complex’s Communal Gardening volunteer project and get along surprisingly well.

The initial altercation (loud party music at night avenged with loud gospel music early next morning) built a promise that the rest of the book failed to keep. The super-quick appearance of their first kiss just didn’t have enough build-up of attraction between the two. Following that, there is an inconsistency in their meetings – in some places it is said that Amy drops by any time and in other places it is said that they meet during the gardening time. About 95% of the book is about each one’s individual needs which the other doesn’t fulfil because of differences in their personalities. There is very little communication between the two and even lesser understanding of the other. We especially found Meghan rather dismissive of Amy in her mind. A rather hurried update in the epilogue doesn’t do enough to make their relationship with each other more harmonious to us.

This is an okay read, but really, there are too many ways it could’ve been better – so it is rather unsatisfying.Our suggestion: pick something else.


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