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Other Girls by Avery Brooks

⭐⭐⭐⭐ The title and the cover almost made us think that this is a paranormal story, but it turns out that this is amongst the best en...

All the Reasons I Need (Paradise Series #2) by Jaime Clevenger


Clevenger’s Three Reasons to Say Yes had three college friends: Julie, Kate and Mo. That book was about Julie finding her perfect partner. But there was all this barely concealed attraction and simmering sexual tension between Kate and Mo which left us wanting a book about those two. This is that book.

Kate Owens and Monique (Mo) Calloway shared a dorm room in college with Julie. The two were instantly attracted to each other but could never work up the nerve to approach the other, instead becoming best friends. Sixteen years have passed and now their friendship seems to be in peril too. Julie (the third roomie and BF to both) has a family-and-friends vacation planned with her two BFs, partner Reed and twin daughters. So Kate and Mo go to Cozumel, Mexico for the vacation and end up sharing a room.

The chemistry between the leads a popping. The attraction is palpable. All the banked fires, the angst, the tortured burning, the crackling electricity -- it is all almost tangible. When Kate and Mo kiss for the first time it is like we can finally exhale. The author does a great job with Kate’s personality, her insecurities and the relationship. We wish we knew what was going on with Mo too – but may have got too unwieldy for a single book. Maybe a Mo’s POV book at some later point in time?

We absolutely loved this book and wholeheartedly recommend it.


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